Book of Taboo

Book of Taboo/Postman

by Maleonn

The physical outward world is more and more complicated and chaotic. In such a ridiculous age shaped by plastic values, lots of things that are profound and noble are becoming doubtful.

I’m trying to use my own way to reorganize this age in my eyes. I’m dancing with the music of the times exaggeratedly and ludicrously, even a little artificial. But, that is our irresistible fate.

All that is just the plastic feeling surface. During the process of building up the work, what supports me is still the self-thinking and inspections towards the human being as an individual.

My work is my inner world. The moments in my works really have been existed in my fantasy. Sometimes I painted them one day before shooting. I painted so quickly even surprised myself sometimes. They are so clear in my mind that every detail exists there.

I'd love to imagine and thinking all the day. I believe that I have a complete world inside my heart. With my 30 years growing, this world is being constructed more and more complicated. What I'm doing is to turn the images of this world into reality, that's all.

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"Book of Taboo/Postman" by Maleonn |
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Comments (10)
  • Ademir Monteiro  - Dreams
    Fantástico! Uma viagem simbólica aos valores do Oriente
  • Ademir Monteiro  - Dream
    Fantástico!! Uma viagem simbólica ao universo cultural do Oriente
  • Héctor A. Coughanour
    Estupendo trabajo...lleno de imaginación y talento...felicidades al autor.
  • Ademir Monteiro
    Excelente! Uma viagem simbólica à cultura aos valores orientais
  • Luv It!
    Lets see now.... I was waiting for a pervert to come out of the Images some where.

    Never happened... Sooo I guess U got her stuffed down that 'hole' I saw?

    Oh,, Sorri but the real world is out here... It's called 'Reality'.... Be careful U do not stay away too long!

    Personal worlds can give a twist.

    U have good style.... bring Ur content forward and be very dynamic!

    Ur Good! Lets evolve to where and explaination is only available in the images we see, not in a 'Statement' we read.

    Best regards!
  • arfun ahmed  - inspeiring
    it is quite impossible for me to express what the photographer gave me through his works.
    peaceful & calm with agitation power in inner soul. what else can be express!!
    its inspiring to me.
  • jon  - hi
    this a beautifull work congratulations many colors and soul full of imagination bay
  • Norman Shapiro  - Great Stuff
    Very, very nice!
  • john stokes  - powerful
    its so evocative and really wowed.....
    deep wow
    not just a wow wow
    a soul wow
    maximum appreciation
  • Ana Enriqueta  - que bonitoooooooooooo!!!!
    en verdad muchas felicidades!!! esta geniaaaaaaaal!!! magia... magia...
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