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Alternate Realities: Maleonn PDF
Written by Valeria Vega   
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Maleonn’s father was the director of the Shanghai Opera and his mother was a well-known film actress, so he has his family to thank for his artistic vein. Nonetheless, Maleonn’s childhood was a turbulent one because, after having been born in a Communist “re-education” camp where his parents had been sent during the Cultural Revolution, he was sent back to Shanghai to be raised by extended family until his parents’ release. In his life he has become a good director and, surprisingly, a photographer only since 2005. Film, painting (which he studied for 11 years) and photography seemed fused into one in his photographs. They are always constructed down to the last detail, like scenery, and, in fact, they seem like a stage filled with objects where he tries to tell it all in just a single shot. The director’s hand can also be seen in his “Circus” series where leafing quickly through the photographs creates a sort of motion picture...  http://www.zoom-net.com/zoom-magazine/articles-archive/article-detail.aspx?id=207762



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  • Nadia Baram  - re: Sobre la traducción al español
    Hola Yolanda,

    Gracias por tu comentario. Lo tomaremos muy en cuenta.

    Muchas gracias y saludos.
  • Yolanda Andrade  - Sobre la traducción al español
    Hola, Como ya comenté en un correo anterior, me encanta el contenido, pero me gustaría que prestaran un mayor cuidado al realizar las traducciones. Gracias. Saludos.
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