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blacksnapperThe Black Snapper, an online magazine for talented photographers from all over the world, dedicates a week to talented young photographers from Brazil, selected by Joana Mazza, exhibitions coordinator of the FotoRio photo festival.


Featured artists are: Gustavo Malheiros, Gabriel Jaruegui and Micaela Vermelho, Guy Veloso, Anna Kahn, Thiago Barros, Luiza Burlamaqui and André Arruda.


The Black Snapper supports the FotoRio exhibitions of these emerging photographers by showcasing them online to viewers in more than 120 countries worldwide.


The Brazilian photography week starts on September 11, at 13:00 (Amsterdam time). Don't miss it!


The magazine website presents a new artist every day, in a dedicated slideshow comprising of 8 to 20 images. Weekly selections are made by guest curators.


A worldwide community of photography professionals and experts supports the project. Website url:



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About The Black Snapper


The Black Snapper is a showcase for emerging talent from around the world. Our basic philosophy is to utilize the dynamism of the internet to facilitate the presentation and hopefully the discovery of talented photographers. The diversity of guest curators makes a selection process more objective; there will not be a single person whose individual taste and preferences dominate the content.


Guest editors discuss their motivation behind their selection. The presentation of each photographer includes an introduction and caption texts for all relevant photos. Each photographer may publish links to their own website and/or relevant agency, gallery if applicable. The accompanying text and comments will provide context and a deeper insight into the presentation.


Presenting one photographer each day and contextualizing the work sets our project apart from many others, it is a unique feature and one, we believe, is very appealing to visitors and photographers.


One of the primary aims of this project is to support the emancipation and promotion of photography in Africa, Asia and South America.


The website refreshes daily at 00:00 on the international dateline and has an archive section. This allows viewers that are more interested in an in-depth approach to browse through back issues that keep curators’ selections (weeks) complete.


Our mission statement and background


The Black Snapper is a project created by designer Frank Kloos and documentary photographer Diederik Meijer, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Black Snapper aims to create an online community that will inspire photography professionals and photography enthusiasts worldwide.

The Black Snapper is entirely built on our passion for photography. We want it to find its own place as a medium that is instrumental in the development of contemporary photography.


The Black Snapper is supported by a growing community, amongst whom:


• Abbas (Magnum Photos)

• Aleksandr Glyadyelov, Ukraine

• Aperture Foundation, USA

• Bamako Encounters, African Photography Biennial, Mali

• Candlestar, UK (curator for Iran)

• Canvas International Art, The Netherlands

• Centro de la Imagen, Peru

• Centro de la Imagen, Mexico

• Chobimela International Photo Festival, Bangladesh

• Jorg Colberg, USA

• Dutch Fund for Visual Arts, The Netherlands

• Eye Curious, France (2nd curator for Japan)

• FotoRio, Brazil

• Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan

• LatinStock, Argentina

• Mannheim Ludwigshaven Heidelberg Photo Festival, Germany

• Gilles Mora, independant curator, Spain

• Moscow House of Photography, Russian Federation

• NRC Next newspaper, The Netherlands

• Photo Museum Province Antwerpen, Belgium

• Photoworks, UK

• Sittcom, stage for Central European Photography, Slovakia

• Stills Gallery, Australia

• Taiwan International Visual Arts Center, Taiwan

• The Guardian Weekend magazine, UK

• Photoworks, UK

• The Museum of Photography Seoul, Korea

• The New York Times Magazine, USA

• Three Shadows Photography Art Center, China

• Hercules Papaiaonnou, curator of the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Greece

• Vrij Nederland magazine, The Netherlands


Amsterdam, September 6, 2009



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