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Canon is investigating fresh claims of camera faults, this time affecting the top-of-the-range EOS 1Ds Mark III camera.


Photographers have been documenting instances where a scene appearing straight in the viewfinder leans up to one degree clockwise in the final image. The fault is said to be due to a misalignment of the camera's sensor with the viewfinder.


'We are aware of some issues relating to the viewfinder alignment,' a Canon spokeswoman tells BJP.


'The issues are currently under investigation. If any customers are experiencing such issues we are asking them to take their camera to their local service department for checking.'


Canon says it will release more information about the problem at a later stage.


The alignment issues come after Canon is said to be working on another new fix for its EOS 1D Mark III camera's autofocus problems.


In November, Canon began offering repairs on faulty EOS 1D Mark III cameras after it confirmed that a problem with the camera's sub-mirror - which deflects light on to its AF sensor - was the cause of reported autofocus tracking inconsistencies when used in AI (Artificial Intelligent) servo continuous shooting mode (BJP, 7 November 2007).


Now, engineers seem to have determined the root cause of the problems, and are preparing a new fix, which could involve both hardware and software upgrades.



Canon EOS-1D Mark III



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February, 2008


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