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Written by John Moore / Getty Images   

benazir bhutto


"Benazir Bhutto, she was always known for her white head scarf, and I thought that showing the head scarf from behind and with all the people on the background, it would be evident who it was.


She was very emotional during this campaign rally. It was all in Urdu, and I don't speak Urdu, so I asked one of my Pakistani colleagues what she was talking about. She said, well she is talking about the need to fight terrorism, the need to fight Al Qaeda, and she was doing it with such passion. I said, well does she always yell into the microphone during this demos? No she said, this is very rare, she's very much into it. And when she left at the end of the rally, the crowd flocked down to the street and surrounded her car, and danced and wanted to touch her, and it was very emotional and is maybe one of the reasons why she took a chance and decided to stand up through that sunroof, despite clear and present danger."




Photography by John Moore
Audio Interview by Patrick Witty
Produced by Thomas Lin

The New York Times
December, 2007




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