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Siggrpah 2007


At ZoneZero we are pleased to announce the selection of 12 of our galleries by the Siggraph 2007 curating committee to be part of the ZoneZero gallery at this year's Siggraph Annual Conference in San Diego. The work of the selected ZoneZero artists will be projected as part of this important gathering of digital innovators. The exhibition was held at the San Diego Convention Center from August 5th- August 9th. The exhibition will then tour with the ACM SIGGRAPH Traveling Art Show. We invite you to take a look at the website of the organizers:


We would also like to take advantage of this occasion to remind you just how important your contributions are to us. ZoneZero offers a unique opportunity to make your work known to the world, so take advantage of it! Send us your images to be considered both for the gallery and portfolio sections. Also, don't forget to take a peak at the selected galleries if you haven't done so before.


Our congratulations to all participating photographers.


Shahidul AlamShahidul Alam

A journey to one of Asia's greatest rivers




Jean Marc CaimiJean Marc Caimi







Shadi GhadirianShadi Ghadirian

'Qajar' and 'Like Every Day'
(Gallery 1 and Gallery 2)






Oscar GuzmánOscar Gzmán

The City of Galvez







Pok Chi LauPok Chi Lau

China 1979-2005 Asian-Americans






Daniel MachadoDaniel Machado

The Rodelu Family







Pedro MeyerPedro Meyer

I Photograph to Remember







Uri NesterovUri Nesterov









Francisco Mata RosasFrancisco Mata Rosas

Mexico Tenochtitlan







Inés UlanovskyInés Ulanovsky

Photos of you









Wyatt GalleryWyatt Gallery

Katrina-Tsunami, remnants after the storm







Li ZhenshengLi Zhensheng

Red Color News Soldier








August 2007




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