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For the Imaging Industry, "Mobile is the New Digital". Much as digital imaging began as a niche and became pervasive over the course of a decade, mobility – continuous wireless connectivity to a high-bandwidth global network - will soon be integral to every imaging product and service. The tidal wave of transition is already upon us. Consider the following:




These statistics reveal another fundamental trend: A dramatic expansion in overall market scale. At the same time as rapid progress continues to be made in quality and convenience at every stage of the imaging chain (capture, processing, and viewing/publishing), advances in mobility and miniaturization are driving a historically unprecedented proliferation in the number of embedded cameras. These developments point directly to an age of pervasive image capture, functionally integrated with mobile communication (rather than simply "bundled" in the same enclosure). The attendant changes in user behavior — personal, business, and social — are driving major shifts in the opportunity and risk landscape for vendors. We'll examine those in our interactive conference sessions.


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