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Author:Mata, Francisco
Wednesday, 01 January 1997 | Read more
Author:Goldberg, Diego
Tuesday, 31 December 1996 | Read more
1328. Editorial 5
Author:Pedro Meyer
  Our first two interns, Enís Castellanos and Elías Díaz, have already been with us here at ZoneZero for the six months that they originally were invited for. None-the-less we are sorry to see them depart. Their contribution to this site has been very meaningful and we thank them for their efforts.   We are now expecting the arrival of a young couple from Mexico/Argentina. Paola and Fabian Hoffman and their eight month old baby, Ivan. Paola is an accomplished anthropologist who has developed a taste for new technologies, and Fabian is a photographer and film maker who together with his wife have in the recent past created some multimedia projects of their own. We hope that their input to ZoneZero will allow us to continue on this exciting journey of growth as the technologies keep changing from week to week together with the possibilities of what can be done.   Please meet our new interns:       We have a permanent program of internship here at ZoneZero. If you are bilingual (Spanish/English ) and have a working knowledge with Mac computers, HTML, Director, etc. do let us know of your interest to spend six months with us here in Los Angeles, California. The project of setting up a mirror site in Paris, has been held up by the as-of-yet not resolved issue of keeping to the two sites updated on a constant basis. We are reluctant to offer two sites that are not actually identical all the time. We will keep you with how we manage to resolve this issue. We have introduced some structural changes at ZoneZero. The section that had been identified up to now under PICTURES, has now been recognized for what it has been all along, and area of GALLERIES. And what used to be placed under the heading of Articles/Essays/Links has now changed to MAGAZINE, and enlarged it with other contributions which will give it increasingly the format of a magazine. We trust that these changes will give a better idea of what we are offering under each section. We are presenting you with some exciting new material, such as the entire book of "Distant Relations". You can review the complete book and download it for free if you so desire. (the printed book will also be available for sale in our book store). Rather than enter here into a lengthy explanation of the content of this book and of each of the participating authors, we suggest that you turn to the MAGAZINE section and discover it for yourselves. I could well imagine you will be pleased. The response that you the viewers will provide us, will tell us if this sort of effort is something we should repeat with other titles as well. As we are into explorations, we have another section that is also in pursuit of such discoveries. We will be receiving the weekly "Double Spread" published by Clarin, the largest Spanish speaking newspaper in the world, brought out in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here we want to discover how the printed page translates on the internet when we are dealing with pictures and traditional layout. Your comments will as usual be very well received, and will help us make up our minds if to continue or not along these lines. Very often we are asked how long we leave an exhibition. We have responded that as long as the author wants us to, we shall leave it there. This is similar to what happens with books in the library. What today is a novelty for someone, will become his or her reference tomorrow. Aside from the fact that it's always pleasurable to share with someone something that one has seen that is of interest, even though times has gone by. And lastly we want to inform all of you that as of now all our images at ZoneZero will be carrying an embedded copyright watermark which although invisible to the eye can be picked up by the appropriate software at any time after, even if only parts of an image have been used within another composite picture. This will obviously help to protect the legitimate rights of the photographers who are showing there work here at ZoneZero. Although no system is fail proof, as banks well know, the identification of images is a long standing issue which will only get better as time allows such technologies to mature, and in doing so protect the legitimate rights of the photographers. Pedro Meyer November 1996    
Friday, 01 November 1996
1329. Editorial 4
Author:Pedro Meyer
  This coming September (1996), ZONEZERO will have been operating for one year. What started out as a one person project has grown beyond our wildest dreams, essentially because of you the viewers coming to visit us, and therefore the photographic community wanting to share with you their work. Arguably a case could be made, that you have come because there is so much good work to be seen here. Presenting us with the classic "chicken or egg" situation. Good work invites viewers, and good viewers invite good work. So there you have it. We have been visited by people from the following countries over this period of time: Argentina ; Australia; Austria; Bahrain; Belgium; Bermuda; Brazil; Canada; Chile; China; Costa Rica; Czech Republic; Denmark; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Guatemala; Greece; Hong Kong; Hungary; Iceland; Indonesia; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Korea, Republic of; Kuwait; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Malta; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Peru; Philippines; Poland; Portugal; Russian Federation; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; Soviet Union; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan, Province of China; Thailand; Ukrainian SSR; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States of America; Uruguay; Venezuela. With such intense traffic, and the world wide web getting slower, we have decided to start operating a mirror site from Paris. This service will allow many who are closer to that region to get a faster connection. We are at present putting the final touches on the technical details to make that happen. All the initial tests have proven that this effort delivers the increased speed to our European viewers. The new address will be made public as soon as everything is ready. Very soon you will find that we will be providing both sound and video projects related to the projects we have been presenting. We are slow in doing so as it's very difficult to find work that goes beyond the "gimmick", the gee whizz! Of it all. We thus have been waiting to find content driven use of such tools ( sound/video/animation/ on the web) , rather than the reverse. For example, to just have video, for the sake of it, somehow doesn't excite us. Several important aspects of ZONEZERO have so far taken a back seat. We have invested all our energy and time into developing the content and design of this site. Advertising and the Store where we hope to offer some interesting services to you the viewer have been left until we had a solid structure in the area of content. We feel we are coming closer to that goal, leaving us now with the potential to develop those aspects which will give ZONEZERO the needed continuity over time. Best wishes, Pedro Meyer August 1996 Allow me to introduce the people that are making your ZONEZERO possible.         
Thursday, 01 August 1996
1330. Editorial 3
Author:Pedro Meyer
    The great challenge that all of us face on the internet - both you the viewer and us the content providers - is to constantly question what we are doing in order to approach this new medium with renewed perspectives. For the first time, we have a medium that allows you the opportunity to establish an interactive dialogue with the artist without having to know them previously. Only in very rare instances has in the past such an opportunity arisen, for example when the artist actually met with his or her audience at an opening, and even under those circumstances the usual shyness of people would make such an encounter less than satisfactory. Now we have a new way to communicate with the authors as never before, each author offers his or her e.mail addrress ( when they have one) right there in their exhibition space. Now you the viewer can express his or her views on that which is shown with a great deal of ease and in turn GET A PERSONAL RESPONSE. You can ask questions, you can explore issues, you can give feed back of what you liked and what you didn't, you can in short order create a dialogue which under normal circumstances would have been very hard to come by. We understand this is a new approach of doing things, which actually tends to enrich -for all parts concerned - the artisitc experience. We are sure that the artists will respond to your letters. We would like to encourage as much as possible for you to explore this way of dealing with exhibitions on the internet. We feel that in doing so we are contributing to alter the very way exhibitions are understood and will be managed in the future. No longer do exhibitions have to be statements going in only one direction. From the artist to the viewer. We urge you to take advantage that a new road has been created, and the traffic flows in both directions. You will observe as well, that in ZONE ZERO we do not offer any of the artists' CV (Curriculum Vitae). We do not think that this is necessary in order to appreciate their work. If the images are good and important to you then that is all that matters, if they aren't, no impressive CV would alter such a perception. We consider that if you want to know more about the artist you should write to them directly, a novel way of dealing with this. By excluding the CV's we are also leveling the playing field, the only thing that counts is the work itself. Not a bad proposition,we think. You will notice that we have also made some changes in our navigating choices to select exhibitions. As their number has expanded and will continue to do so, we felt you needed to have various options in order to reach the material you want to see. We hope that our changes prove to be beneficial to your experience. Pedro Meyer April 1996    
Monday, 01 April 1996
1331. Editorial 2
Author:Pedro Meyer
  We are preparing ourselves for spring which is just around the corner. However the manmade world doesn't seem to move at the same rhytm as nature. The British intentionally dragged their feet long enough to break the momentum for peace negotiations in Ireland. In Mexico the Zapatistas are inching closer the moment of signing a peace accord with the Government. The press descended on Apple Computer with the most amazing array of desinformation and sheer incompetence thar I have seen in years, fortunately we will have Apple for a long time to come. The common thread here is that the internet is allowing us to communicate directly, to know facts usually with held from us. The Zapatistas learned this interestingly enough before Apple Co. did, and I hope the Irish will increasingly use it to their benefit.   Pedro Meyer March 1996    
Friday, 01 March 1996
Author:Euridice Arratia
  A photo performance by Eurídice Arratia and Santiago Echeverry, Eurídice Arratia - design Ramón Lepage - still photography Evelyn Villegas - costume design Santiago Echeverry - programming     Go to exhibition  
Monday, 12 February 1996
1333. Editorial 1
Author:Pedro Meyer
      This has been a particularly exciting period getting ZONEZERO off the ground, and learning what works and what doesn't. What is needed and what is not. For example we thought that making this site bilingual [English -Spanish] actually was of some value to our visitors and readers. It turns out that in the first mailing we sent out with information on ZONEZERO, our offer to send a translation in Spanish was only requested by four people. This number is so low that it points out to a basic fact on the web: the English language is understood by most. It probably also tells us a lot about the socio-economic background of most of those reading this and who make up this world wide web. The fact they are connected to the Internet in the first place is because they are more or less fluent with information that has come to them in English. It certainly makes for less work not to translate into another language, particularly when so few people are actually looking at the texts we have in Spanish. Before we make our final decision to present ZONEZERO only in the English language, we would appreciate hearing from you about this matter (your comments will be published here). We certainly are saddened by the low level of interest for the Spanish language, as expressed here on the Interent. After all, languages express cultures. Pedro Meyer January 23, 1996    
Tuesday, 23 January 1996
1334. Bar El Chino
Author:Farro, Humberto
Monday, 29 November 1999 | Read more

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