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Author:Pedro Meyer
    The "third world" what is exactly the "third world" and one might add, where is it located. We know that sometimes it can be found right in the midst of what are called "first world" cities and at other moments it represents large...
Sunday, 09 November 1997 |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Pedro Meyer
    For me, one of the interesting developments over these past few years has been the chasm between what the practitioners of digital photography experience and what their critics write about. I place myself on the side of the...
Friday, 01 August 1997 |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Pedro Meyer
  We had just finished taping a temporary sound track. It was done to evaluate how long it would take to complete the narration of the story that would run alongside the pictures for the CD ROM "I Photograph to Remember". I was shattered...
Sunday, 01 June 1997 |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Pedro Meyer
      The issues surrounding the photographic representation are receiving increasingly a lot of attention as the digital age moves forward. I have been asked repeatedly if I believe that digitally altered images should be marked with a...
Tuesday, 01 April 1997 |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Pedro Meyer
  Our first two interns, Enís Castellanos and Elías Díaz, have already been with us here at ZoneZero for the six months that they originally were invited for. None-the-less we are sorry to see them depart. Their contribution to this site has...
Friday, 01 November 1996 |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Pedro Meyer
  This coming September (1996), ZONEZERO will have been operating for one year. What started out as a one person project has grown beyond our wildest dreams, essentially because of you the viewers coming to visit us, and therefore the...
Thursday, 01 August 1996 |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Pedro Meyer
    The great challenge that all of us face on the internet - both you the viewer and us the content providers - is to constantly question what we are doing in order to approach this new medium with renewed perspectives. For the first time,...
Monday, 01 April 1996 |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Pedro Meyer
  We are preparing ourselves for spring which is just around the corner. However the manmade world doesn't seem to move at the same rhytm as nature. The British intentionally dragged their feet long enough to break the momentum for peace...
Friday, 01 March 1996 |  E-mail | Read more
Author:Pedro Meyer
      This has been a particularly exciting period getting ZONEZERO off the ground, and learning what works and what doesn't. What is needed and what is not. For example we thought that making this site bilingual [English -Spanish]...
Tuesday, 23 January 1996 |  E-mail | Read more

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