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Author:John Mraz
    The most renowned photographer in the history of Latin America, Manuel Alvarez Bravo is the cornerstone of this art in Mexico. When he began photographing in the 1920s and 1930s, artists who constitute a veritable “who’s who” of...
Sunday, 03 February 2002 | Read more
    Seydou Keita, legend of African photography, dies     Seydou Keita, one of Africa's leading 20th Century photographers, has died.   Working in his hometown of Bamako in Mali, Keita established himself as an inventive...
Monday, 07 January 2002 | Read more
    Director of Art Photography Publisher Dies at 59     Michael E. Hoffman, the longtime director of the Aperture Foundation, a nonprofit publisher of fine-art photography books and Aperture magazine, died on Friday in Manhattan....
Wednesday, 28 November 2001 | Read more
Author:Technical Information Bulletin ©Eastman Kodak Company
  New Baggage Scanning Equipment Can Jeopardize Your Film Because your pictures are important to you, this information is presented as an alert to travelers carrying unprocessed film. Over the past two years new FAA-certified explosive...
Friday, 02 November 2001 | Read more
    Argentinean, born October 6, 1933 in Buenos Aires. In 1953, she graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (National School of Fine Arts) with the degree of Professor of Drawing and Painting. In 1955 she was granted a...
Thursday, 27 September 2001 | Read more
Author:Sarah Boxer
  It will be a surreal burial. The Bettmannn archive, the quirky cache of pictures that Otto Bettmannn sneaked out of Nazi Germany in two steamer trunks in 1935 and then built into an enormous collection of historical importance, will be...
Thursday, 15 March 2001 | Read more
Author:Meyer, Pedro / The Washington Post Company
  A homage to a friend Alberto Korda (1929 - 2001) Alberto Korda came to Mexico City last year, on account of an exhibition that he had been given at the French Cultural Institute. I had not seen Alberto for a good number of years, so it...
Monday, 19 February 2001 | Read more
Author:Ricardo Antúnez
  by Ricardo Antúnez 1     1   The North American photographer Emmet Gowin gave over a good part of his beautiful book Photographs to present pictures of his own family. In a passage from the interview that precedes the...
Thursday, 21 September 2000 | Read more
Author:Daniel Meadows
  It is the work of English documentary photographer Daniel Meadows In the early 1970s, travelling in a converted double-decker bus which doubled as home and photo-gallery, Meadows criss-crossed England making pictures of the "ordinary...
Monday, 28 August 2000 | Read more
Author:Richard James Havis
  "We Went Digital, Where Were You?" may have been the title of this year's New York Video Festival's conference on digital video, but "Come Together" would have served just as well. The exciting thing to come out of the conference, held at the...
Wednesday, 23 August 2000 | Read more
Author:Fernando Castro R.
  A few years ago I read a Time magazine review of the book The History and Geography of Human Genes. The review revealed factual details of fifty years of population genetics research.1 Some of these facts seemed to me as momentous as the...
Friday, 21 July 2000 | Read more
Author:Pedro & Julio Meyer
    We had some house guests who came from the United States and we thought that taking them to visit one of the great museums of the world, The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, would be a lot of fun. I invited my five year...
Thursday, 30 March 2000 | Read more
Author:Pedro Hernández-Ramos
  Part I - Part II- Part III - Part IV   Access Even the most generous estimates of the number of people around the world connected to the internet put the figure at no more than 300 million. Obviously, we (since I’m writing this...
Friday, 24 March 2000 | Read more
Author:Pedro Hernández-Ramos
  Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV What Do You Know? Access to huge amounts of information has caused some in education to start questioning whether measuring quantity rather than quality and performance best assesses an...
Tuesday, 21 March 2000 | Read more
Author:Pedro Hernández-Ramos
  Part I - Part II- Part III - Part IV A few short decades ago, relatively few people were concerned with learning while many were with “education”. Education was, by and large, seen as a process of exposing people to content in a...
Monday, 20 March 2000 | Read more
266. Statement
Author:Bill Thomas
  Regarding his Installation in the Houston Artists Windows Project, which was Censored by Foley's     March 13, 2000 I was one of 17 Houston area artists invited by FotoFest 2000 to create artwork for a display window in Foley's...
Thursday, 16 March 2000 | Read more
Author:José Antonio Navarrete
  Part I - Part II In order to explain why the art of the media weighs so heavily in the field of contemporary art, a considerable number of reasons of a most varying nature would certainly need to be examined. Nevertheless, this is not...
Thursday, 09 March 2000 | Read more
Author:José Antonio Navarrete
  Part I - Part II A very widespread opinion held today in the field of art –and which fuels one of the most lively present day polemics – says that the art of the media, or more precisely, art through the media prevails in...
Wednesday, 08 March 2000 | Read more
Author:Pedro Hernández-Ramos
  Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV So What's The Difference? In the previous article (Part 2) I argued that learning in a new world will take place in a wider range of settings, beyond traditional education institutions. A new...
Tuesday, 29 February 2000 | Read more
Author:Colin Jacobson
  One of Englands' most distinguished picture editors plays games with old images.     Go to exhibition        
Friday, 11 June 1999 | Read more
Author:Dirck Halstead
Date: 06/02 3:17 PM Received: 06/02 3:38 PM From: dirck halstead, June, 1, 1997.   Last week, while covering the visit of President Clinton to London, Newsweek photographer Wally McNammee and I found...
Friday, 04 June 1999 | Read more
Author:Rubén Martínez
      GOSPEL   From "The Acts of the Apostles": ...there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues......
Tuesday, 11 May 1999 | Read more
Author:Pedro Meyer
                A Keynote Address by Pedro Meyer at the SPE Conference, Los Angeles, California.   It's with the greatest of pleasures that I take this opportunity to share with you a few thoughts and...
Tuesday, 11 May 1999 | Read more
Author:Trisha Ziff
  This is a new and Unusual Dialogue between Chicano, Irish and Mexican artists, writers and composers addressing themes which their divergent cultures share in common: Identity, Discrimination, Exile, Hybridity and Multiculturalism, among...
Monday, 10 May 1999 | Read more
Author:Guillermo Gómez-Peña
  "(Mexicans) are simple people. They are happy with the little they got...They are not ambitious and complex like us. They don't need all this technology to communicate. Sometimes I just feel like going down there & living among them."...
Monday, 10 May 1999 | Read more

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