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Nelson Gustavo Olivera
This series is a book of tales. Each image tells an instant story, made of photos and textures. A storyteller...
Visible Cities
Núcleo de Estudios de la Fotografía
Photographing a city means assuming it in the present time, transforming it into a sensible material. A process that defies...
Guatemala 1996 - 2000
Jorge Uzon
These are recent crimes. You can still see fear in these faces. It’s hard to believe that the genocide in...
Lucio Carvalho
A BANQUET OF EMOTIONS The exhibition “Subdivisiones” (Subdivisions) by visual artist Lucio Carvalho is the result of a long...
Stories of V
Vivian Bibliowicz
Vivian Bibliowicz’s recent work explores eroticism in its dimensions of ritual and staging which, above all, conveys the concept of...
Between Here and Now
Germán Herrera
Most of these images were felt, not thought. The reason for their creation is because they can be created. Creative...
Teminal Image + Experimental Graphic
Ernesto Muñiz
The reason lying behing the art of embalming have changed in modern times. The memory of Marlon Brando as the...
The Camera's Brushes
Pedro Meyer
The camera's brushes This work wants to question at the same time the media itself, as much as it...
The Angel and her Devils
Pedro Meyer
THE ANGEL AND HER DEVILS The series of the "Angel and her Devils", originated during a visit to Chalma...
Spending a Month with Mexicans in Los Angeles
Adrian Bodek
In June 2005, I had the opportunity of living for a month in Los Angeles, California. While I was in...
Child Hunger in Ethiopia
David Blumenfeld
“God Comes to the Hungry in the Form of Food” Gandhi. Drought in Ethiopia is as old as the land itself. The...
Brazilian Homosexual Culture
Pedro Stephen
Pedro Stephan lives in Rio de Janeiro he has made a portfolio about gay culture: portraits, prideparades, male beauty, sweetie...
An Unusual Album
Marisol Fernández
All through my life I have been thinking about death and it has always appealed to me… and brought me...
Qajar / Like Every Day
Shadi Ghadirian
I am a woman and I live in Iran. I am a photographer and this is the only thing I...
Figures and Artifices
Yolanda Andrade
About the color in Photography Photography in color makes me look to other aspects I leave unattended in my...
Questions to my father
Werner Bischof
Despite his untimely death, Werner Bischof has left us a photographic legacy of different times and places that shows his...
Nate Larson
“To say that photographs lie implies that they might tell the truth; but the beauty of their nature is exactly...
Contemporary Crazies
Ivaldo Cavalcante
He leaves the bar. White shirt, linen pants with the color of dark ashes, square frame glasses the clean cut...
Acts, Hotel, Tres
Fernando Montiel Klint
TRES This project is based on Freud's psychic apparatus (Ego, Super Ego, and ID). I stage in photographs the conscious and subconscious...
The Street Dentist
Bablu Chowdhury
Amjad Mia, a Fifty-five years old self taught dentist, sits on the footpath to attend his patients. This is an...
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