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Date: July 19, 2004 4:23:43 PM CDT


Dear Pedro,


I'm a brazillian photographer living in Rio de Janeiro. I would like to congratulate you and the team of Zone Zero for a very good work done in the site. It's a valuable source for anybody who pratice and/or think photography.


I'm preparing a post graduate project and Zone Zero is one of the places I'm doing research: reading articles, editorials and the debate about some in the foruns. In special the discussions about documentary photography, my favorite specialty, and photojournalism.


The Editorial of April 2000: "Redefining Documentary Photography" has catch my attention, such as the article "The LA Times fires a photographer" (where I agree with you), as I think is (or will be sooner or later) no longer possible, or desirable, to uphold the credibility of that kind of photography as truthful and trust in itself.


What I'm looking for, and that's why I'm writing you, is for some examples and sources, if you know some, of documentary photographers working in the direction you point in the April 2000 editorial. The theme I'm planing to explore is just the contemporary tendencies in documentary photography.


Any help or feedback will be appreciated.


I thank you for the time for reading this and appologise for any inconvenience. And sorry for don't write in spanish. As a portuguese speaker I felt no confidence to try in spanish, as the resemblances between the two languages make it triky. I'd prefer to commit any "slaugther" in a language that's a foreign one for we both.


Best wishes


Eneraldo Carneiro

Fotojornalista e Sócio Diretor

Agência Documenta fotojornalismo e documentação S/C Ltda.

Largo do Machado, Rio, RJ


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