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Date: November 21, 2003 12:46:55 PM CST


My name is Davida Kidd


I am a photography based artist from Vancouver BC CANADA


I will be submitting work to your web site. I have an MFA and have a solo exhibition coming up at PLATFORM Centre for Photographic and Digital Art in 2005 in Winnipeg Manitoba CANADA.


I also have a solo exhibition in 2006 at the National Museum in Krakow Poland.


I look at your site regularly and am glad to see that all methods of photography are represented and mixed together in the exhibitions that you curate. I worry sometimes that photography that is digitally manipulated becomes segregated as "Digital Art". I am leery of putting my work into any strictly digital art context, at least at this point as I feel this work often gets labeled as illustration. dominated by photo-shop effects. Of course this is only my opinion! These issues are always interesting to discuss as catagories for work are still freshly being created for various new technology-based and influenced art.



Davida Kidd.


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