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Date: Thu Jun 5, 2003 11:33:12 PM America/Mexico_City




What a find. I simply stumbled across your web site as I was looking for another. Your approach to everything from design, photography, information & interpersonal contact is a benchmark for other sites to and achieve.

I'm 57 and belatedly received a MFA in Photography from UCLA last December. After Graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design spent the next 25 years as a graphic Designer, the last 12 with my own small boutique firm here in Los Angeles.

I had always shot a lot of film, but until 7 years ago never went at it with a vengeance and direction. The last course required for my degree was switched to digital Photography which I distained but had to complete .

I borrowed my sisters Nikon Coolpix 600 (?) for the summer fully intending on blowing the course off with as little effort as possible. I found myself getting more fascinated by the day, then the hour , then the minute and now own 3 very nice camera's the first of which was a Minolta Dimage 7i. My film camera's are Nikon's and A Laica m3.

My dedication is to Photo Journalism with a strong slant towards the forgotten. I just finished a project on Pet Cemeteries, one involving the ICU of Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, and am working on a study of S&M but in a kind and gentle approach emphasizing the warmth and legitimate bond some of these couples have. But I also have shot my share of landscapes, portraits, landmarks etc. to keep a crust of bread in my mouth.

I hope I haven't written too much so I'll end it here. Again, it is pleasure to meet you and I will submit some work to your portfolio section in the coming days.


Richard E. Garrey


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