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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 18:12:35 +0100


From the opening cover page it is clear this site means business


Subtitled From Analogue to Digital Photography, the site provides in-depth comment on this topical issue.


Particularly useful is the Digital corner of the Magazine. A variety of issues are discussed and written about from the point of view of a photographer. Articles include whether schools should only teach digital techniques, digital imaging on a budget, and comparisons between new products such as cameras.


Visit the Editorial section and enjoy the succinct writing of Pedro Meyer, the Editor. The content is carefully thought out providing an insightful look into aspects of the world of photography.


Editorial titles have included 'Traditional Photography vs Digital Photography' - why the two schools of thought are not so far apart as many would have us believe; 'Tools vs content' - how the camera can influence the content of a photograph and why, with the advent of digital cameras, this issue is especially relevant; as well as interesting viewpoints on taking photographs. Visit the section labelled 'Previous Editorials' to locate these articles.


Other features include reviews of books, forums, and the very popular Portfolios section where an international line-up of professionals are represented.


Whilst the portfolios are a treat to any eye, the other zone dedicated to talent, the Gallery, provides a unique selection of top photographers from around the world, each closely scrutinised by the Editor and his team.


The calibration features and site tour are added bonuses to users of this site.




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