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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 15:12:28 +0100


Greetings from Ireland.

At the moment and preparing some photographs for your portfolio section and on reading this admission details I realise that I never registered with you. So I would like to do so now. Such is the quality of your site that I was overwhelmed by its quality in all aspects when I first encountered it. But also inspired! although aphotographer for over 20 years it was only two years ago that I touched a computer keyboard for the first-time and started on the road of learning about computers, Digital photography and the revolution in image-making that this implies. It's a steep learning curve but also an exciting one. You site has set a standard for me in photographic presentation,( which some day I hope to achieve) in communication, and sheer goodwill. Although your primary focus is on digital imagery the material I hope to sent has been done with tradition methods. This is because my ‘digital vision’ is only at an embryonic stage.


This year has been a very busy one for me, being involved in a large exhibition in my home town of Clonmel with my colleague John D Kelly. Called‘Changing Townscape’ it were shown in the County Museum and was seen by over 6,000 people during its run, ( a record for a black-and-white photographic exhibition in my area). I also was anxious to get it seen on the Web so I built my own site and got about 60 per cent of it up. I also have a link to your site from mine, I hope this is okay. My web address is So time has been at a premium in terms of learning and more importantly implementing this learning. Again many thanks for the inspiration.


John Crowley



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