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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 11:36:43 +0500


Having enjoyed your magazine over the years it seemed inevitable to register one day. Good Stuff prevails in it although sometimes I wish there was photographic art in Gallery Sections without any nudes . But I guess its the way of the west and I can always click out of there ..... thank you for a great virtual magazine.


Self Profile General:

From the thirty-six years of my life, I have been a photographer for the last thirteen . Born, raised and educated in Karachi, Pakistan, I got into photography in 1988. Being self taught, I learnt mostly from books, magazines and libraries found locally or obtained through friends and relatives from abroad.


At Present teaching photography at the "Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture" , while freelancing as a commercial photographer. And in the petite spare moments life gives me, are spent in my minds own room dreaming and scheming up plans to travel in search of fresh images, and to experiment further with new techniques and processes.


Life has been wonderful and photography a complete high. To me Fine Art Photography is a silent pleasure for the eyes of the soul. I believe it does wonders in making us realize how minuscule we really are. How little we have seen of the awe-inspiring world that surrounds us and ever so often drowns us. And then with time we become conscious of His presence, The Creator of the Creations.



Farah Mahbub


Fine Art Photography

40/2 ,6th Commercial St, D.H.A Phase :4

Karachi - 75500 - PAKISTAN

# (9221) 5888412


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