Khloe Kardashian, or Mrs.Odom is on her way to JFK airport with a casual look included a plaid shirt and a plain jean. Although she is carrying several bags, the link: Piercing Satchel still breaks away from the pack.
The Christian Louboutin Bag is gorgeous for the studs embellished throughout the body.The rock style may not fit for her current ensemble rather than a night club party, but the signature design from link: is still impressive for the decent shape and luxurious leather. It is interesting that the top closure of the satchel is unzipped unlike the other bags around her elbow, which exposes the iconic red lining. I抦 not sure if it抯 intentionally or not.
Khloe Kardashian may just grab whatever she needs and rush to the trip. But the link:
Piercing Satchel will definitely be put to good use for her.

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