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Every month a full grant is awarded for one of the production workshops offered by the Pedro Meyer Foundation at Casa Coyoacan; grant holders will also be able to work with the new equipment Sony SLT-A57K. Furthermore, their work will be considered for publication in the Sony Corner on ZoneZero. This announcement is open to photography and/ or art students residents in Mexico and interested in creative processes centered on images, of any age or nationality. This grant does not cover transportation and expenses.

Main objective

To support creative processes involving images and encourage the creation of high-quality photographic projects.

Selection process

Fill out the application form at Apply for the grant  a minimum of ten days before the starting date of the workshop. The selection committee will focus on the personal vision of the applicant and his or her ability to propose a project within the theme of the workshop. All candidates will be notified of the final decision five days before the starting date of the workshop.

Commitments of the recipient

The grant holder undertakes to attend the workshop in full, present the project that he or she developed during it and return the Sony SLT-A57K equipment in good condition at the end of the workshop.

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