La Flecha del Tiempo PDF
Escrito por Diego Goldberg   
El 17 de junio, cada año, la familia pasa por un ritual privado: nos fotografiamos para detener, por un momento evanescente, la flecha del tiempo que por allí pasa.
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
La Flecha del Tiempo en ABC News. Puedes ver el video haciendo click aquí.
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time
The arrow of time

Diego Goldberg vive y trabaja en Buenos Aires, Argentina y puede ser localizado en: Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spam bots. Necesita activar JavaScript para visualizarla
The arrow of time
· Homenaje a La Flecha del Tiempo. Puedes haciendo click aquí.

· La Flecha del Tiempo en ABC News. Puedes ver el video haciendo click aquí.

· Y este ensayo el cual es una variación de este ritual de fotografía de familia. Visita:

Comentarios (104)
  • silva
    I found this family tradition absolutely fascinating. I wish I had thought of this years ago. Bravo, and thanks for sharing
  • Steve Vento  - your family
    What a fantastic project. I have one client that comes in to the studio every Nov for a father daughter portrait, its a shame more people don't do more of this.
  • Maddie
    Sebastian is hot. Just throwing that out there.

    Amazing project.
  • Cheryl  - Wow
    I love these photos! They are fantastic and a great idea. It is so interesting to see how the boys facial features change and how much more they look alike as they grew. What a great idea to include with a family genealogy.
  • Eliane Depiné - Curitiba - PR  - Relembrando
    37 ANOS!!!!
    Vcs estão MUITO BEM! Parabéns!
    Fazia tempo q não os via, mas hoje os achei, sem querer.
    Lembro q escrevi à vcs há mt tempo, lá por 1.800 e bolinhas, sei lá... E é claro q quiz fazer o mesmo. Mas, como tudo, só penso e não faço nada! C'est la vie!
    Espero q estejam juntos, com saúde e conquistando vitórias.
    Bom ver vcs...
  • James Garland  - Recent Comments Done in Poor Taste by Cyberbullies
    I have been following this website and family for several years now, and I always enjoy coming back to see the latest photos, because I love this idea of following the family chronologically.

    With that said, I was disturbed to see the tactless and tasteless comments made by individuals who are clearly bored and have no sense of decency or respect. Shame on you for being a cyberbully. You should be embarrassed for your comments and for the disrespect you have shown this family who were kind enough to share a piece of their lives with the rest of the world.

    I want to express my thanks and gratitude to this family for sharing this website and for their generosity. I look forward to future viewings.


    James Garland
    United States
  • katya  - amazing
    This is an amazing idea of a site -Glad i stumbled upon it by accident.. simply wonderful.
  • kohen silvia
    ME encanto..El paso del tiempo registrado con tanta atencion y carino
  • Minas  - Hi!
    I'm glad you are all OK! Antonia has grown up! Beautiful families!
  • Delfina
    Un trabajo impresionante. Te felicito.
  • TL  - 2013?
    It's June 18 and still no 2013 photos?
  • José Vélez  - Thanks for continuing
    Ever since I found the 1997 photo, which I downloaded and keep for its great sociological value, I had hoped to find newer post and until today had not been able. Saludos from West Virginia, USA
  • Agnaldo Vascocellos  - Idéia Fantastica
    Tenho acompanha há algum tempo a evolução das fotos, e sempre que as vejo fico admirado de como um idéia tão simples pode ser tão fantástica. Parabéns a Familia Goldberg
    São Paulo - Brasil
  • topers photos  - awesome x 1million
    this is awesome to the nth level!
  • Joseph Talbot  - What an inspiration
    This is a fantastic record of a family. I saw this several years ago and it inspired me to start my own chronology:

    I'm so glad to have come across this before our daughter was born, thank you!
  • Rianne Boss  - Good home for yur own family gallery
    Hi Joseph,

    I had a look at your gallery and it looks very nice. I would like to invite you to join the community at

    This website allows you to easily create your own beautiful gallery for your family. Please have a look and see if it is something for you.

    Cheers, Rianne
  • Grackle
    I have been checking in on this site for several years now and am delighted to see that the family has started with a new generation! Amazing work!
  • Olga  - Cool idea
    Very good idea!
    A very interesting experiment!
  • eftychia
    excellent! i only wish you were smiling a bit!
  • Enrique
    I wonder why we want to make sure that people look happy whenever they're in front of a camera. What if they're not in the mood at that very moment? If someone is sad, should they delay the photo session or just fake the smile? Would we know what they look like normally?
  • Vasilis  - 1976- age?
    Nice job. How old were you on 1976?
  • Anónimo
    I believe Diego was 29.
  • gerlo
    i was nineteen
  • Umar Jamil  - Awesome Lifespan
    However i don't have words to describe the feelings when i saw this span that is really cool and appreciable! Thanks for sharing!
  • Manolo Fraile  - El Tiempo
    Felicidades amigo, nunca vi mejor manera de CONSERVAR el tiempo.
  • Paloma  - :D
    Uau! Muy lindo este proyecto.
    Saludos de Brasil!
  • Federico Tovoli  - Muy interesante
    La constancia del respectar cada 17 de junio todos juntos y de no tener miedo del tiempo que inexorablemente pasa.
  • Rami Goldberg  - Goldberg group on Facebook
    Please join our group :

    Goldberg - for all Goldbergs in the world
  • Peter Harpert  - Now you can create your own family gallery
    Hi, I have been following Diego and his family for years and I have always wanted to make my own gallery but never got around to doing it.

    I have just found a website that makes it extremely easy and fun to create your very own gallery like Diego.

    In case you're interested, have a look at

    Diego, I hope you and your family continue to do this for many more years, really loving your work.

  • Peter Harpert  -

    Sorry, but clicking on the link in my previous post does not seem to work.

    So, if you want to create your own gallery like Diego, simply go to the following website:

    Have fun,

  • Xoel Viveiro  - Galicia Viveiro
    Tras mucho tiempo, me alegra volver a encontrar sus retratos... y ver que la familia crece.
    Sigan bien, un fuerte abrazo desde Viveiro en la costa gallega.
  • Daniel Nielsen  - hey
    This is quite inspiring. I feel like doing this project myself now. :-)
  • Diego Goldberg  - No soy yo !
    Es un homónimo. Nada que ver conmigo
  • Diego Goldberg  - No soy yo !
    Es un homónimo. Nada que ver conmigo.
  • akzhelen
    it's amazing to see such dedication and discipline that didn't only stop at the parents, but also went on in their kids and grandkids.
    the only thing that bothers me - i wish they smiled even slightliest bit :)
  • Gustavo  - Parabéns!
    Parabéns, idéia simples e brilhante, que Deus abençoe sua família.
  • ropewjokbdgdsaewr
    I've been looking for this for a while now. This was it! Thank you! I freaking love this.
  • Luis Luque  - Qué documento !
    Como dijo un gringo antes que yo, qué hermosa y simple idea para dar una respuesta a los que se pregunten qué es el tiempo.
    Tengo que felicitarte por otra cosa más: tu hallazgo sobre la similitud entre la revista de La Campora y la Guardia Roja que leí en:
  • Darina  - Darina
    Its cool))Мне очень очень понравилось
  • gabriel  - Gabriel
    de 1976 a 2012 o pai dos 3 filhos só mudou o cabelo o cara é imortal!!
  • Christian - wiseclown  - Chapeau!!
    Amazing- wonderful document!
  • m. fazekas  - very nice
    Thanks you for sharing your life moments with all of us.You put it best..for a fleeting moment you stop that arrow in time.
  • Ashley
    Beautiful family; beautiful idea.
    I wish you the best in the future, and in this lovely tradition.
  • luis chandi
    Felicitaciones y un abrazo
  • Marco Martinez
    Fabulosa coleccion de imagenes. Espero que continue el proyecto.
  • Inma
    Creo que me he enamorado del hijo menor.

    Precioso trabajo.
  • Roberto Desire  - Bello Trabajo
    Exquisito y delicado trabajo.
    Semiotica de lo individual donde la vida es pura performance,
  • Patricia  - Portraits
    Fantastic representation of time passing. So funny to see the changes.I have also photographed my daughter every year for the past 18 years beginning when she was 3 months old, with the same background and as close to the same lighting as possible.Good thing I went with a large background initially. Looks like I'll have another 17 years to go to get to your 35 years of recording.
  • David Arriaga  - Would love to see it?
    Have you published them on a web site, Patricia?
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love to see your time registry!!!
  • Jess  - Thank You
    My husband and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary today, and have decided to adopt this tradition. We just took our first picture of hopefully very many a little while ago! Thank you so much for this wonderful idea. We are so excited to watch our family grow and change. :-)
  • Norm Cohen
    6/18/2012....looking forward to it...
  • Anónimo  - Жека
    Пиздец, я один тут русский!
  • ml  - We're waiting!!!!
    We're waiting!!!!
  • Suely Costa  - congratulated
    I'd really like to congratulate the family for this beautiful and simple way to show how it's nice to record every moment of our family, and doing so through the years, is a wonderful thing to see ... I loved the way you found to assemble the family tree, you are to be congratulated!
  • Bette M.  - Truly Unique........
    I loved this & wished I had done this down through the years.

    Wherever you go there once was a forest.
    Plant & protect Danny's trees for life.
    Trees are the lungs of the earth.
  • Peter  - Video here:
  • Peter  - Video of Goldberg photos
    I made this video of the photos - hope you like it

  • Jack  - Sebastian!
    Sebastian is so hot! I hope you finds himself a beautiful boyfriend.
  • Massimo  - Fantastic Idea
    It's a wonderful idea, to share such passion with their family!
    If I'll find the "right girl", I share my photo with her.
    For now I have only 29 years pictures, taken every 30th december, at the same studio.

    Last year, I asked a friend to came with me, to shot this short video.

    Complimenti, Diego! Bellissimo.

  • Alejandro  - Que bien!
    Muy bien!
  • Ashley  - Amazing
    I cannot wait to see this year's photographs. It's every June, right? This is increible and eery at the same time, for me. Fantastic!
  • KV
    Cool, they take their pictures the day after my birthday.
  • Davi Antunes  - A linha
    Muito interessante. A nossa marca segue.
  • ButtercupKitteh
    this is so beautiful.
  • Radha  - Gorgeous people
    Thank you for sharing your images with us. What a beautiful set of images of such beautiful people.
  • Alex V.  - This is so awesome
    I check back every couple years or so to see the updated photos. I'm so intrigued and awe struck by this concept. So cool! =)

    I wish you and your family all my best in health and happiness.
  • Steven Boone  - Fascinating
    Thanks for the unique photo history. Very interesting!
  • Slashthedragon  - Time lapse
    Thanks for sharing.

    It is a living time capsule.
  • salman  - wow
    Best collection ever seen
  • Simon Porter  - Fascinating but disturbing
    There's something a tad disturbing in the family never changing their expression in these photos; hope they are happier than these photos suggest!

    One of the things about looking at a family photo book is getting to see our expressions change, our smiles, our pranks, the full range of emotion we can show - without seeing that here, I feel something about the photographs is incomplete. But that's just a personal impression - this is certainly a fascinating project.
  • iTunes Login
    A little scary to realize the power of time over us..
  • Milt  - Fascinating
    I wish I had thought of this.
  • Kristina  - Awesome
    That is really awesome! We are constantly changing and as so we can't see it. So this couple has made a great thing! One moment that I like most is that these people were shot in the same position and surrounding each time which makes the changes occured in their appearacnce even more noticeble.
  • le coq pierre  - great
    I think that's a really good idea and thanks for your patience trough all thoses years
    everybody should take this experience like an adventure of life !
    thank you and have a long life ...
  • Luiz Cláudio  - Maravilhoso!
    Acompanho o site há muito tempo e sempre me encanto com as novidades! Um abraço a toda essa bela família.
  • Gregory Du Bois  - Wonderful pictures
    Thank you for your families pictures taken throughout the many years. The consistency of your efforts is truly amazing!

    Best wishes for 1012!
  • MOCA
    wow. simple yet priceless. thank you for sharing. i wish you all the best in your future.
  • Inde  - Awesome idea
    Interesting to see that in 2011 all 3 boyz looking just like their father.
  • Anónimo
    all the boys look like their mother...
  • jonathan c. kramer  - Theme and Variations
    Bravo! I had seen the the series of only Susy published in a magazine several years ago and I was so moved by the gentle dignity in her face, the constancy of the act. When I taught an Arts Studies seminar called "Theme and Variations in the Arts," I described the project (not knowing it involved the whole family) to me students as a perfect exemplar. Then today I found the website and forwarded the URL to the class. Such a profound and singular accomplishment. Warmest regards, J. Kramer
  • Julie  - :)
    Really is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing :)
  • Lee Harless  - Interesting study, into facial aging over time.
    Neat look into the aging of your faces, over time. Thanks for this. Has there been any interest, from scientists?
  • Anónimo  - Same shirt
    Dad is wearing the same shirt in 82, 86, and 89.
  • 50+ and on the Run
    How absolutely wonderful; wish I had thought of this when my kids were little. Thank you!
  • Anónimo
    Folks, you are beutyful!
  • Raul Torres  - Nuevo paso
    Diego, descubrí tu página hace unos 12 años. Ahora la vuelvo a encontrar y me encanta. Se me ocurre... ¿qué tal si le agregas el efecto morphing a las fotos y vemos cambiar los rostros en movimiento? Felicitaciones y un abrazo
  • Anonymous Human  - Evolution of impressions
    Can you notice the dramatic change of the face impressions in mids of 2000's? Before then family was posing to their dad. But after being recognised by the masses via internet, they began to pose for the whole world. Evolution from ordinary impressions to Facebook portraits...
  • cynoque  - :)
    thank you for this trip in time
  • José Sidenei de Melo  - A very astonishing adventure

    This work represents a true demonstration of a strong will power. Congratulations Mr Diego and family.
  • Aharen  - Kudos for continuing this
    i come back to check on this every now and then too. fascinating watching the changes and comparing how much you all look like each other haha i don't know why but i just enjoy doing that. and really really happy the line continues!
  • schaetz
    Love what you have already done and what still going on
    Great idea
  • Jim Garland  - Spectacular!
    I love that your family is still doing this exercise. I have not visited for several years, and I love how a new generation is now starting up! I look forward to following this for many more years. Thank you for sharing.
  • Alan Rutherford  - Thank You
    This is a wonderful and thoughtful idea and thank you for sharing your journeys with everyone. The arrow of time does indeed keep flying but in the end it gives us our direction. Whether that will be up or down God only knows.

    Cheers to you and yours!
  • Rodrigo  - Digão
    Mano muitooo showw!!! isso é arte viva 100%!! É maravilhoso isso!! Vou também criar algo assim com minha esposa!! Parabéns!!
  • Alyssa  - In Awe...
    This is a beautiful thing, truly. Very inspiring to the point where I'd like to do the same for my future family. Thank you for this - You have a very handsome family. I wish you and your family many more wonderful years to come.
  • Cora  - awesome
    Its really awesome!
  • wet
    very cool .i love it
  • Andreas Heide  - wow
    Very interessting, please dont stop.
  • Cassie
    I enjoyed seeing this and thought it was really cool. be awesome if i could do one for my family
  • ihsan  - life process
    Phsiycal change of human face like a fruit's life process. When a fruit older fall to ground and when a human older (or late of life)fall to grave
  • ihsan  - Great application
    I think physical change of human face like a fruit life process.
  • Ron  - My annual visit
    Hello. I'm very impressed with a family that not only spends time together, but has documented it over the years. I first found out about you many years ago and bookmarked your site. I try to remember every June to visit again. I actually came back again this year for some odd reason to find the new addition. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely family tradition. Very inspiring.
  • chekira  - wow
    watching this family grow into the people they are today have been a truly unique experience.
  • Tudor  - :)
    Lovely and simple idea, I wish you all the best in the future.
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